From the Warrior Expo: 31 Heroes guest at the Warrior Expo a few weeks ago when Hillier Ignite launched, the 31 Heroes Project is another great team that works to better the lives of military families. The 31 Heroes Project is named in reference to a downed military helicopter, in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011, which killed 30 military service members as well as one military working dog. 31 Heroes serves to support the families of such fallen heroes.

The 31 Heroes have designed a specific Workout of the Day (WOD) for August commemorating the 31 Heroes. Such events encourage participation from both people and participating gyms, and, in the first event held a month after the crash, 31 Heroes raised $300,000 and gave it directly to the families affected by the death of the servicemen.

The next event is August 3, 2013, and funds will be split between 31 Heroes’ partnering organizations: Snowball Express and the Hillier Ignite-award winning Travis Manion Foundation. If you can’t participate in the workout, you can become a sponsor.


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