Guest Post: Hogar De Fe Report

The following is a guest post from Hogar De Fe, via the ORPHANetwork. We’ve posted interviews with the kids at Hogar De Fe before, and ORPHANetwork made a video thanking Hillier Ignite as well:

We received a visit from our friend Luke Hiller and his family. It was a very positive visit, since the different activities we did had very important purposes in the lives of our children, teens and young adults. They did recreational activities, where all the kids participated and felt loved as they shared together. It was also a positive experience for our teens and young adults to visit the various workplaces, where they were able to learn how to prepare themselves to apply for employment. The Hogar de Fe staff participated in a very special dinner, honoring the day-to-day work that we do. This helped to improve our level of staff motivation.

Hogar De Fe Quotes

On discussions on how to look for a job, two children gave their thoughts:

Mikel Parrales (boy at far right): The experience of looking for a job was good, we learned how we should present ourselves when going to search for employment. We also learned that what’s most important is to do a good job at what is assigned to you, and that even though one may start in a low position, they can move up little by little.

Paula Suarez (girl with pink sunglasses): Being a cashier interests me, and also the job in Pizza Hut. I learned that all jobs are important but you have to like what you are doing, think positively and always have a smile.

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