Hillier Ignite is Thankful For American Veterans

Around the country, VA hospitals are hosting Thanksgiving dinners:

Volunteers served hot meals to more than 200 veterans in the hospital’s renovated food court.

The VA used its homeless program to reach out to veterans in need and provided free transportation to and from the dinner.

For many of the veterans, the warm food was just as important as the company.

“You’ve got camaraderie,” said Navy veteran David Hammond. “You’ve got some of the same experiences. It’s just that they’re people that know what you’re going through.”

Time asked prominent American figures about what they’re thankful for, and Michelle Obama said, “military families,”:

Like all Americans, I’ve always been awed by our men and women in uniform and inspired by the sacrifices they make for our country. But I had no idea about the sacrifices their families make too, and I kept asking myself, how is it possible that I – and so many other Americans – know so little about the challenges they face?

The answer is simple: military families don’t complain. They’re proud of their service and more than willing to make the sacrifices that come with it. And no matter how tough it gets, because they’re so strong and resilient, they somehow keep everything together. They succeed in their jobs, run their households and somehow even find time to serve their communities as well. In a recent survey, 81 percent of military family members reported volunteering in the past year, versus just 27 percent of the general population.

So this Thanksgiving, I’m feeling tremendously thankful for our military families. And as First Lady, I’ve made it my mission to not just support them, but to highlight all they have to offer us as colleagues, community leaders, neighbors and citizens.

That’s why, back in 2011, Dr. Jill Biden and I teamed up to start Joining Forces, a nationwide effort to recognize, honor and support our veterans and military families. And this Thanksgiving, I hope you’ll join us in expressing your gratitude to our military families, not just with words, but with action. If you’re a teacher or a PTA member, work to support military kids in your school. If you’re a lawyer, an accountant or a counselor, offer your services pro bono to military families. If you own a small business or do HR for a big one, try to hire more military spouses. There are so many ways to give back: go to www.joiningforces.gov to find out more. And if we all do our part, I’m confident that together, we can serve our military families as well as they serve this country.

Happy Thanksgiving, from Hillier Ignite!

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