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Entrepreneurs and the businesses they create have historically been the central drivers of our nation’s innovation and economic prosperity. Jobs created by American entrepreneurs strengthen our democracy in addition to our economy. Recent reports, however, indicate that our grip on successful entrepreneurship is slipping and that our nation’s cultural support for entrepreneurs is eroding. Fewer of our best and brightest are pursuing the path of an entrepreneur.

Encouraging and supporting entrepreneurs is an investment in freedom’s future – both at home and abroad. Their success creates jobs, stimulates economies, and is a principal means of converting innovative ideas into products and services that benefit mankind. Hillier Ignite leverages Luke Hillier’s direct experience as a successful entrepreneur to support the development of innovations that can help save the lives of military personnel and/or first-responders.

The Ignite Accelerator for Lifesaving Innovation assists entrepreneurs (many of whom are veterans) in developing ideas in an area that is outside of the mainstream of entrepreneurial/start-up businesses – lifesaving innovations. Its goal is to increase entrepreneurial activity to increase the number of lifesaving innovations that can benefit military personnel and first-responders – preserving freedom by creating economic opportunity as well as better protecting those who defend it.

Executed in partnership with Luke Hillier’s company ADS, the Ignite Accelerator for Lifesaving Innovation provides business and product-related mentoring to entrepreneurs with lifesaving innovation concepts, and in certain cases offers seed capital and access to Luke’s and ADS’ extensive network of manufacturing and distribution partners who might be interested in the product. Prospective entrepreneurs with lifesaving innovation concepts who would like to find out more about the program should click here to get in touch with Ignite.

The Ignite Lifesaving Innovation Award is presented annually to a company responsible for creating and introducing a product to the market over the preceding 12 months that Hillier Ignite has judged to be the year’s most significant lifesaving innovation.  The award is presented at the ADS Warrior Expo East, in Virginia Beach, VA in July, an event that brings end users, program managers, and procurement specialists together with industry-leading manufacturers in an environment designed specifically for government and defense organizations.

Luke Hillier (4th from left) with other Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Winners