Luke Hillier Hillier Ignite youth education


Youth are our future, and their accessibility to the education that enables their opportunities will determine that future. Throughout history, young adults with limited opportunities have become prime recruits for despots, criminals, and terrorists who create tragic and costly situations in the developed world.

Breaking the cycle of extreme poverty that exists in many areas of our world is both humanitarian and pragmatic. Increasing access to all levels of education is a proven method for doing so sustainably. Hillier Ignite is helping to expand educational opportunities for orphans in developing  countries by helping them obtain both a basic education as well as expanded opportunities to learn trades and other skills that will ease their transition toward a productive, independent life and the economic freedom afforded by a good, forward looking job.

The Ignite Fund for Orphans provides general financial support to organizations assisting orphans, and is a key element of Hillier Ignite’s goal to create educational and economic opportunities for young people in the developing world as a means of promoting democracy. Hillier Ignite’s first project is in conjunction with ORPHANetwork a 501(c)(3) organization currently supporting several orphanages in Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the western hemisphere, where the majority of citizens live on less than $2/day.  The result is a safer, healthier future for orphaned children, guiding them away from the dangers of street life and into a healthy, uplifting setting of good nutrition, love, and Christian education.

The Ignite Scholarship is a college scholarship program that includes a living expense stipend for several disadvantaged students from developing countries, promoting democracy and economic opportunity through education. The program is primarily targeted to support youth in their transition from living in an orphanage to becoming economically productive adults in their native countries, providing educated and trained adults who can build local economic capacity, addressing what Ignite believes to be a main root cause of problems in the developing world.

The Ignite Youth Award is a $25,000 cash award and recognition program celebrating a person or organization that has taught and inspired disadvantaged youth in the USA or abroad. The awards are given annually.

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