Luke’s Trip to Hogar de Fe, Day 3: “How Will You Get There?”


Day 3 started with the kids coming to the hotel to meet the group. Like Day 2, the plan was to tour the mall across the street from the hotel, and identify jobs, education, and pay scales. It was the first time to a shopping center for some of these kids.

Mall 2

After that, the group took the kids to Pizza Hut for lunch, after which they toured the kitchen, prep area, walk in refrigerator and freezers, and loading area of the Pizza Hut– all of which the kids thoroughly enjoyed.

Pizza Hut 1


Pizza Hut 2

They then returned to the hotel, where they broke into groups to discuss the importance of education, English, and confidence when getting a job. At the end of about 45 minutes of study and discussion time, one child from each group was elected to present what they learned, by speaking about what they wanted to be when they grew up and what sort of starting jobs they would need to get there.

Hotel 1

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