Luke’s Trip to Hogar De Fe, Day 4: The Final Day

Day 4

The 4th and final day was pure unadulterated fun when the group took the kids to the beach, some of whom had never been before.  The weather was iffy, but the cold rain was relieved by the warm ocean.

Day 4 Luke

Kids boogie boarded for the first time.  Kids body surfed for the first time.  Some of the kids, 13-16 years old, were scared of the waves.  But they got over it quick, and soon the smiles were as big as the waves.


From there, we went to a restaurant for a fiesta.  Some of the kids prayed, and spoke about thanking Luke and the rest of the team for their presence.  Some of the most shy kids were the first to speak, which made the team very proud. The team danced, the kids danced, there were piñatas, and at the end of it all, some tears.

Dora Dora Dora



It was a hard goodbye.

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