Luke’s Trip to Hogar de Fe, June 2014 Day 2;


The theme of this trip is Generosity.  And the greatest lesson we can teach these kids, and even the kids back home, is that generosity does not mean the transfer of items or currency from one person to another.  It can also mean the giving of time, of knowledge.  It can mean caring, mentoring, and trusting enough to share perhaps the most valuable, yet at the same time, most difficult slice of knowledge we all possess, our mistakes.

Today, the children at Hogan de Fe had school, and as to not disrupt their routine, we worked around them, obtaining time with them between classes, and helping in classes that we would be able to offer some expertise, like in the English class.

Some of us who have been to Hogar de Fe before had the pleasure to witness kids who could barely speak a word of English a year ago, act out full scenarios, in English, demonstrating not only their understanding of our language, but the inflections we use, and even at times, body language.

Some of our team even went as far as to wear masks and act as recognizable animals for the younger English class, so the children could identify, in English, the animal, or the animals sounds.

This day all came to a head when 6 hours of work was all ended by the most epic of all water balloon fights.  The water balloon fight itself lasted over 30 minutes, while the actual water balloons supply itself was depleted in less then 5 minutes.  For anyone taking notes, it’s not a great idea to start a water balloon fight at an orphanage that you do not know the location of every available bucket, but the children do.  We were all, very wet, and very happy.

After, we headed to the schools computer lab where we viewed the wedding video of Luke Hillier to Stephanie Ballard, now Stephanie Hillier.  Where they shared their views on what is considered to be the greatest of all giving, the giving of ones self through marriage.

We closed our day out with a group meeting, discussing much of what we had witnessed today, and some of yesterday.  This visit is, unfortunately, almost complete.  We are preparing to give 100% of ourselves to these kids tomorrow…

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