Luke’s Trip to Hogar de Fe, June 2014 Day 3;

Day 3 of this trip was just one of those days where everything just seemed to come together perfectly.

A few of Team Ignite had the opportunity to really lean into these kids on a business centric field trip.

Aimar Group, a local, yet global transportation and logistics company, with a heart for Hogar de Fe, was good enough to host us, and the older kids, and provide us a tour, presentation, and most of all, real life narratives, of the company, the employees, and how to overcome the obstacles they face.

Members of the team that have been here before are familiar with having to encourage the kids to stand up, raise a hand, be known, and have a voice.  The kids were great.  They asked questions, and even in a few instances, asked follow up questions, which displayed they were not just appeasing us, but really paying attention, and listening tot he answers enough to want to dig deeper.

After the trip to Aimar Group, we took a trip to the Pool!  This was 3 hours of non stop laughter, fun, and more laughter.  What a treat for the kids, and for us…

Following the pool, is the most emotion filled 3 hours of any of our trips, the Fiesta.

The Fiesta is everything you would imagine it to be, music, dancing, fun, games, laughing, pinatas, candy, pictures, and most of all, love everywhere you look.  Followed by the immediate 180 turn of… the good-byes.

Tonight, we said good-bye to the beautiful kids from Hogar de Fe.  We tried not to make it harder for them, or perhaps they were trying not to make it harder for us.  But it made no difference, whether you have been here 3 times, 8 times, or this was your first time, if you were 60 years old or 5, this is a very hard thing to do.  Even after what may seem, (as a reader of this blog) as just 3 short days, you do not want to leave these kids tomorrow, and the emotion is very difficult to control.

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