New Bill Would Grant Veterans Day Off for Veterans

Representative Andrew Falk pitched a bill that would grant Veterans Day off for veterans.

[Andrew Falk] called November 11th a day of honor that veterans have earned but that not all get to fully mark.

“We want to make sure those veterans have an option to go and observe a day dedicated to them in a way they choose,” Falk, DFL-Murdock, told the House State Government Finance and Veterans Affairs Committee before a divided voice vote moved it along.

The proposition was praised but encountered some opposition from lawmakers who worried it could create a hardship for employers.

Stephanie Vorvick, a veterans services officer for Chippewa County, said:

more than 245,000 veterans in the state are younger than retirement age and have no guarantee now that they can get the time off.

“Instead of talking about vets, let’s do something for them,” Vorvick said, noting that some can’t even attend local ceremonies in their honor because of work obligations.

The Senate State and Local Government Committee quickly endorsed the proposal without dissent.

Similar Veterans Day proposals have become law in Iowa and Oregon.

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