New Trends in Veteran Employment

Since Veterans’ Day was Monday, all week Hillier Ignite is looking at trends in stories about veterans. Today we look at stories about jobs.

Last week you might’ve heard the news about Starbucks making a conscious decision and infrastructure changes to hire more veterans. CEO Howard Schultz is aiming to hire at least 10,000 veterans or spouses thereof in the next five years. With Defense Secretary Robert Gates on the board and veteran┬áRob Porcarelli as the staff attorney who helped dream up the plan, the focus is on providing veterans with special attention to translating their skills for the workplace. The company will have a special recruiter to hire former service members.

In another case, Rick Cherone started a bike repair service in Milwaukeee to donate bikes to veterans who, through drug and alcohol problems, have lost their licenses and a significant amount of their freedom and means to get around, much less get and keep employment.

Microsoft offers a four month intensive training course for veterans called the Software and Systems Academy, after which the participants will be hired for Microsoft or one of its contractors. They invested $1 million in the program in order to hire more veterans.

Financial company Drexel Hamilton is also providing training services to veterans, particularly disabled veterans. Cal Quinn, the firm’s managing director, calls them, “more technically proficient and academically capable than any military, than this country has ever known.”

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