Oakbrook Prep Students Help Orphans in Nicaragua

In 2008, Kelsey Perry, then a senior at Oakbrook, decided she wanted her senior project to help people less fortunate than herself. Using her love of mission trips and travelling internationally, she decided to get a group of students to lead a vacation Bible school at an orphanage in Nicaragua.

“It was definitely shocking. I’ve seen Third World culture, but it was still tough seeing all the poverty—seeing shelters people made with trash and seeing people look for food in piles of trash and rubble,” she said.

The first Nicaragua mission trip was led by 11 Oakbrook students. They ran a Bible school for the local children, performing skits as a way of entertaining and preaching the Gospel. The students also held a basketball camp for the children and worked at a home for women in the area. They went to homes to paint and clean as a way of spreading God’s word to those in need.

The Nicaragua mission trip has become a tradition at Oakbrook and has spawned other senior projects over the years.

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