Operation Hawkeye: A Follow-up

A couple weeks ago, the Hillier Ignite team received this message:

Dear Mr. Hillier and Team Ignite,

I am writing to thank you for sharing the word about Operation Hawkeye on the Hillier (ignite) Blog recently.  One of the toughest things about the mission is just informing people that it exists, because I don’t come from a military background and don’t know that many people.  It means a lot when people like you share word about the mission with others, especially members of the Special Operations forces community.  That was also the reason why it was so important that ADS allowed me to have a table at the EXPO.  Hopefully, it makes them feel better to know we support them.

Thank you.


Will Thomas


We were quite touched by Will’s reaching out to us. It only reinforces our belief that it is our imperative to inform people of the great work of people like Will. Aiding veterans and military families is no small task, and our appreciation knows no bounds.

We will continue to blog about such organizations, so that we can spread the word of their work.

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