Payne Family Christmas – Hillier Ignite

The Hillier Ignite Team shares Christmas with a very deserving Hampton Roads Veteran and his family…
The Payne’s, like many other military family’s in the middle of a Medical Retirement, are in flux.

Hillier Ignite wanted to ease their burden by providing gifts that would not only make an impact, but would alleviate the stress and burden of that transition.

With four special needs children whose care is provided at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital, and knowing that they must travel back and forth to the hospital many times a week, we provided them with $1000.00 in gas cards.

Along that same line, they needed new tires for the Payne’s vehicle, so Hillier Ignite is buying 4 new tires.

All families needs to eat, so we provided $1000.00 in Food Lion gift cards.

Every military retiree or veteran who has lived in Base Housing faces the stressful task of finding affordable housing once their service is up and they must vacate their base housing. Hillier Ignite is alleviating that stressful situation by paying for a year of rent at a house of the Payne’s choice.

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