Syracuse University Offers Free Career Programs for Veterans and Spouses

The Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University is currently enrolling eligible veterans and their spouses in an online program to enhance their career skills and job marketability. The Veterans’ Career Transition program is managed by Dan Cohen, who said:

The online courses enable post-9/11 veterans, transitioning military members, and their spouses to obtain the skills and professional certifications needed to be competitive in the civilian world.

Cohen, a former Army captain, knows the importance of helping veterans. He left active duty in 2005 after four years, and then was in the Individual Ready Reserve for a year and a half. Cohen went on to say:

At the completion of the VCTP program, students will have training, a certificate of completion from Syracuse University, and, when applicable, industry-recognized certifications that will make them competitive in the civilian job market.

The VCTP program is funded by JP Morgan Chase & Co and is offered at no cost to eligible veterans and their members. Spouses of eligible veterans and all active-duty members, regardless of whether they are transitioning, are invited to apply. Cohen added:

Those challenges for spouses include employment gaps, finding an easily transferable career field because of the frequent moves, and job seekers being able to successfully market themselves to an employer.

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