The Sacrifices of Veterans: Amputees

As we noted earlier this year when Luke awarded the inaugural Life Saving Innovation award to the InfraScanner 2000, Hillier Ignite is always interested in learning about the intricacies of the lives of veterans as well as possible means of technological aid. According to a CNN report last year, there are more amputees in the past American wars than ever before. While we hope to prevent such tragedies, it’s important to understand how the lives of these veterans have changed and what is being done to help.

The BBC notes, “after an amputation, the bit that’s left beyond a healthy joint is called a residual limb, or more commonly, a stump.” A stump is made as a result of an amputation, and some of the problems of prosthetic limbs: the stump shrinks after surgery, so prosthetics need to be remeasured and the plastic prosthetic against one’s stump is a source of great discomfort. The Department of Veterans Affairs investigates prosthetic engineering, and there are several non-profits (like the Given Limb Foundation) dedicated to the topic. This is a huge sacrifice on the part of our veterans, but four out of five veterans that have lost their limbs in Afghanistan or Iraq still claim that their “lives are full.” Furthermore, after the Boston bombings earlier this year, veterans reassured victims that lost limbs of their future independence and happiness.

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