The Travis Manion Foundation on its Ignite Warrior for Warriors Award

Luke Hillier was was honored to present the Travis Manion Foundation with the Hillier Ignite Warrior for Warriors Award.   The Travis Manion foundation recently featured this story about the award on its website.   We are particularly gratified by this statement by their the Travis Manion Foundation’s Executive Director James Brobyn:

“… it is such an honor to partner with the Hillier Ignite Foundation. Our core values and goals are aligned. We view our veterans, their families, and our youth as pivotal to the future success of our country.”

We couldn’t agree more with the concluding statement of the story:

“The Travis Manion Foundation and Hillier Ignite are both committed to recognizing the selfless service of the military community.”

James Brobyn of the Travis Manion Foundation and Luke Hillier

Luke Hillier with James Brobyn, Executive Director of the Travis Manion Foundation Holding the Ignite Award

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