Warrior Expo: Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association


The Seabee Memorial Association was formed in 1970 to fund and construct a monument in thenation’s capital to honor those who served in Naval Constructions Battalions. After the SMA served its purpose in starting construction, the Association changed to the Seabee Memorial Scholarship Association to provide scholarships for the children of Seabees and CEC Officers in 1972. They have given out 2,375 scholarships so far, increasing the initial $600 scholarship to $2,3000, and the number of scholarships from 6 to over 80. The Scholarship Selection Committee, which consists of a cross section of officer and enlisted Seabees, and includes the Master Chief of the Seabees, the National Commander of the Seabee Veterans of America, and a representative from the Navy Wives’ Club, meets annually in May to review applications and select scholarship recipients for the upcoming school year.

The SMSA plan to double the former amount to keep up with college education costs and increase the latter to accommodate more students seeking scholarships.

SMSA typically receive 300 applications a year. Look here to apply, and here to donate.

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