Warrior for Warriors Award Winner: Travis Manion Foundation Guest Post

The following is a guest post from the Travis Manion Foundation. Here is James Brobyn receiving the award, and his thoughts afterward:

On July 11th, Hillier Ignite presented the first inaugural Warrior for Warrior award and $25,000 dollar grant to the Travis Manion Foundation (TMF). TMF’s Executive Director, James Brobyn, accepted the award on behalf of the Foundation. The award recognizes a person or organization that has provided outstanding support to veterans in overcoming the challenges relating to the transition to civilian life or challenges faced by family members of active duty military while deployed. All TMF programs focus on supporting military, veterans and their families, and the $25,000 grant from Hillier Ignite has significantly impacted a program that provides direct transition support to veterans.

Travis Manion Foundation

TMF is honored to have the support of and to partner with Hillier Ignite. The Ignite grant is providing economic opportunity for 11 veterans in San Diego. Through our Mentoring and Advocacy Program for Veterans, these 11 veterans are receiving valuable life coaching and mentorship, establishing a new network of friends outside of the military, and completing five-month, funded internships in the profession of their choosing. We are encouraging, educating, and nurturing this cohort of veterans through the direct support of Ignite.

The benefits are far reaching for the veterans involved in our program. Recent successes include a young female veteran who was on the verge of homelessness before starting the program. After learning to trust the other members of her cohort, working incredibly hard with our social worker, and challenging herself to tackle an internship with a music therapy nonprofit, and completing the program, she applied to attend the acclaimed Berklee College of Music in Boston. Another recent graduate of the program stated, “What I wanted to share with you and the group is that, without a doubt, the life coaching and mentoring, the physical fitness, and the group support really does help and it makes you know that you are above the standard norm and if you work hard it will happen.” This veteran was able to pursue his dream of working in the gas and oil industry through the internship we were able to facilitate. He recently accepted a high-level job as a program engineer in Bakersfield, CA.

The Travis Manion Foundation and Hillier Ignite share a common goal, to rekindle the flame in veterans and help them realize their own potential. Whether it’s pursuing a dream of becoming a musician or realizing that becoming a program engineer is not out of the realm of professional possibilities, through the generous support of Ignite, we are opening up new doors of economic opportunities for veterans.

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