What motivates an innovator?

Over at VirginDisrupters, Melanie Perkins examines the motivations of innovators:

Innovators are driven by a similar belief to shape the world into what they believe it should be. Innovators believe the world can and should be a better place: one that’s healthier, safer, smarter, closer, wealthier and happier. Innovators spend their lives willing that perfect tomorrow into existence.

She talks about her own personal journey to innovation with her company Canva:

When I was at university I was teaching graphic design programs. The tools were complex, hard to learn and even harder to use. After watching students struggle to learn even the basic, I realised that in the future design was going to be different – it was going to be simple and online. Seven years later and I’m still pursuing the same vision. It’s been an incredible adventure, however, without a strong belief in what I am doing it would have been very hard to persist.

She outlines how she started in a niche area, yearbooks, before opening up her business to more opportunities after seven years of building contacts, learning the industry, and becoming more confident in their abilities. She notes:

While we talk about grand innovations that have shaped our world, it’s easy to think that innovating is off-limits, that it’s something that other people do.

However, innovation isn’t only connected to a chosen few — she outlines several types of innovation, all of which change the world. An excellent read for future entrepreneurs.

You can watch the VirginDisrupters conference here.

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