“Words After War” Supports Veteran Writers and Writing

The non-profit “Words After War” is a unique literary organization that is invested in telling the stories of veterans, their families, and civilian supports through fully funded opportunities for these parties to do so.

Brandon Willits, who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, created the non-profit after a lengthy personal journey that ended with him graduating with a degree in literature and creating this non-profit last summer:

Willitts’s road since Afghanistan has been a winding one, but it all led to what he now sees as his primary mission: this summer’s launch of his nonprofit Words After War, or as he calls it, “a literary organization that just happens to focus on veterans.”

“I saw a need in the veteran service space for a nonprofit focused less on the therapy value of writing and more on the artistic value of writing,” he says. Words After War isn’t a therapy group, but rather, “a community of people interested in the defining moments of the last decade”—namely, the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

The website highlights official events, outlines their programs, and lists diverse resources. They work out of New York, taking advantage of its unique literary landscape.

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